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“Earlier this year I hired Suzanna Lourie to update my guidebook, “Costa Rica: The Complete Guide.” I could not have been happier with my decision. Suzanna is smart, organized, self-motivated and adept at navigating unexpected circumstances, of which there were plenty in Costa Rica. Despite all the cultural, linguistic and physical challenges, Suzanna got the job done on time and under budget. If she can handle that, I suspect she can handle anything.”
– James Kaiser
Founder and President, Destination Press. Author of “Costa Rica: The Complete Guide”


“For the about 2 years I was fortunate to have had Suzanna Lourie working as my own private writer. What a luxury that was. I originally hired her to manage my social media  but quickly realized she had a unique skill I was able to use her in several areas. We are a real estate development company and Suzanna’s ability to take an idea or concept and put it into words that were a  pleasure to read was nothing short of incredible. I would marvel at how adept she was at taking any idea or concept I had and then lay it out in script in such a way that the perfect mental picture would pop into the mind of the reader. I took full advantage of her skill and used her to write web content, correspondence, marketing, blog’s etc. I only wish that she could continue working for me. In addition to her skills I also can’t say enough about her work ethic. She really takes responsibility for her tasks and has an owners perspective. This is a hard trait to find. Anyone who has the fortune to hire her will be rewarded by her attention to the job way beyond the description she is given. I would hire her back in an instant if given the chance.”
Bruce McKillican, CEO – Las Mareas de Tamarindo
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“In the past year I have had the privy to read Suzanna Lourie’s professional literature. Her writing style is well composed and flows beautifully, it is astounding this writer is in her early twenties. Her words scripted on paper gave me the sense it was from an author beyond Suzanna’s age and experience. Wisely, I hired her to tutor my daughter with her college entrance essay. Suzanna guided and constructively allowed my daughter to find her own thoughts and create an outstanding piece of work. My daughter successfully got accepted to her top college choice. I give Suzanna credit for gently influencing her, which allowed this high school senior the ability to write an A+ essay.”
Serena Crowley 
College Essay Tutoring, Greenwich, CT