Producing regular, SEO-specific content on a your website’s blog is absolutely critical to keeping your site high in the Google search rankings. Many people don’t realize that keeping a top position in Google search results can be achieved through more simple methods than just handing over a few thousand dollars to an SEO/Google AdWords specific firm. I work with clients to come up a new (or expand on their current) list of keywords to then create a certain number of regular blog posts to continuously position your site in the top of the search results. Unique, well-written, engaging material carefully laced with SEO keywords is critical to your business’s success – don’t let it be the last priority on your to-do list. 

Clients Include:

  • Las Mareas (“Web Content Writing & Editing”)
  • The Saratogian (“Freelance Journalism”)
  • Costa Rica VIP (“Travel Writing”)
  • Costa Rica Website (“Travel Writing”)